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A bit about Us

MEIT Prints is a printing company based on the Copperbelt in Ndola. At MEIT Prints, we empower several businesses and individuals to market themselves professionally. As Promotion is one of the four basic elements of Marketing, we believe that it begins with great advertising. This is why we pride ourselves in producing a wide range of quality products at affordable prices to enable us to deliver our clients’ customised needs to get their message across. Our commitment to print quality is reflected in the way we print which is why we engross ourselves in our customers’ ideas and see them through from conception to completion. 

Why choose us

We offer a variety of printed products and materials for business and/or personal use to fit any style and occasion. So now whether you want to create personalised vehicle and office branding, flyers, T-shirts, brochures, mug cups, letterheads, pull up stands, X stands, signage, large format printing and such, we are the company for you.

Regardless of the size of your business and whatever your design skills, we provide the support and tools you need to bring your vision to life. Our graphic designers are here to help you get exactly what you want whether you choose to create your materials from scratch or simply wish to enhance an existing design or logo.

Who we are...

We are committed to keeping print relevant. Our focus is firmly fixed on a future that acknowledges the changing shift in the way we, as humans communicate

The scope of our work encompasses simple and serviceable collateral through to complex and bespoke projects. Understanding many kinds of businesses helps us connect and create long standing relationships from sectors 

The essential vision of MEIT Prints is and will always remain:
A basic, solid framework built from effective systems and production methodology. 

Well-being comes from positive examples. MEIT Prints is developing its corporate social responsibility. While being aware of what's going on in other lives is important, our culture is fostered in our own backyard.

the Services we offer...

MEIT Prints specialities include (and are not limited to) production of large format and digital printing. Our comprehensive product range, which continues to grow through research and development initiatives


Personalised Wallpaper

T-shirt Printing
Window Decals

Direct Mail

POS displays

Specialist Books

Billboard Advertising
Marketing materials

Photo Products


Large format, Print & Cut Technology

Sometimes, to get noticed, you literally have to go big by grabbing your audience's attention and take your messaging to new heights. Large formats are a fast and effective way to earn the attention of onlookers at trade shows, conventions, presentations and other events. The marketing professionals at MEIT know what it takes to deliver quality large format printing services for all types of requirements. We also offer printing and finishing services, as well as certified design specialists to work with your team from concept to completion. Simply put, you'll get big results! 

Our Clients so far

We have worked with a number of both large and small businesses as well as individuals. Some of our major clients to date include

United Nations (UNHCR)

British Broadcasting Corporation – Media Action  

Oriental Quaries 

UTH (University Teaching Hospital)
Agricultural Commercial Society of Zambia

Zambia Immigration  

Trade Kings 
Makeni Mall 

Zambian Breweries 

Capital Fisheries 
Ndola Energy 

Gourock Zambia Ltd

Tanelec Zambia Limited 

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